lundi 30 avril 2012

It's raining today... Where is my umbrella ?

The title is one of the first English lessons French people can hear. And it's specially true today ! Not only today, actually. April was a very wet month this year.

I like making useful outfits, but with this weather this is not really the case for Vogue 8470. Nevertheless, May is coming, and the weather may be nice and warm at last. Anyway, to be sure I can wear what I sew, I decided to start another project: a rain coat. I am using Simplicity 2812 for this.

As a consequence, I am glad I took meters and meters of repellent or waterproof fabrics at last sales. Now it's time to use some ! This time, I want to make the coat with gathered collar and simple sleeves.

Tonight I have 2 sets of pieces ready to be sewn. Depending on the weather when I am ready to sew, I can choose which project has the highest priority. Maybe I'll make both projects at the same time ? Anyway, which one will be finished first ? And which one can I wear first ???

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