dimanche 29 avril 2012

One day, maybe...

The last posts of Green Apples and Lilacs and Lace both deal with the same topic: new patterns. When I read this, I immediatly had a look at Vogue pattern website to see all new patterns. Of course, I found several I absolutely need ! Maybe for the next sale of sewingpatterns.com ?

Vogue 8812: I really love this one. I'm not sure I could wear it a lot here, because the weather is not hot enough, or it doesn't last for a long time. But is it a reason not to do it ?

Vogue 8812

Vogue 8808: with plain fabric or flowers, I love it. Maybe not such a high collar. Anyway, this knid of shape is very comfortable to go dancing...

Vogue 8808

Vogue 8814. I admit I'm a little scared when I see how deep the neckline is. But I really like the flare of the skirt. Why am I still surprised that I need 4 to 5 meters of fabric for a dress ?

Vogue 8814

Vogue 8804. Like many bloggers, I think I absolutely need this one. Maybe I have other patterns I could use to get the same result. But this one seems to be well adjusted.

Vogue 8804

Vogue 8813: I don't like the fabrics used for the pictures. But I think this can be a great dress or top. I can already imagine it done with some fabrics in my stash. Anyway, I would like to read some pattern reviews to know how difficult this pattern is. The result seems to be simple, but I wouldn't be surprised that it's not so easy to do...

Vogue 8813

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