mercredi 25 avril 2012

The cursed muslin

I've often read about making muslin and seen people courageous enough to take the time to make one, in order to find the right pattern alterations. I had never tried it, but this time it was mandatory. Why ? Because I had to redraw a pattern based on 2 or 3 basic patterns, for someone I've never worked for, and who lives 200km away from my home. So, I thought it would be a good opportunity to try making a muslin: it's a good way to test the pattern with cheap fabric, and I can send it to my "customer" so that she can try it and report mistakes, preferences or bad fitting features.

Fine. But what fabric should I use ? As I was in a shop to find some fabrics for the final projects, I asked for some information about muslin. The vendor helped me to find a wonderful fabric, wonderfully cheap, and wonderfully easy to work.

Fine. Next step now: cut the fabric. Easy to say. But not so easy to do with a young funny cat playing with the fabric: no, this fabric is not made to hide you inside, or sleep on, or hide behind in order to better jump onto the dog ! After many interruptions, I finally end drawing. I was about to start cutting the fabric, when the dog decided he could "help me" with a little mark of urine. Hmm ! There's nothing better, specially at 2a.m. ! Fortunately, it was not on one of the pieces I had drawn. But not too far. So, as I was cutting the pieces, I also cut around the mark...

A few weeks later, muslin again, this time for a dress for me. This time, I found the right organisation so that the cat couldn't play with the fabric. This time, I kept a sharp eye on the dog to avoid any new problem. This time, as soon as I finished darwing on the fabric, before cutting the pieces I cut the main piece of fabric to save the unused part in a clean place. This time, after cutting the pieces of the muslin, I saved them in a clean place too. But..... But I forgot the large remaining piece of fabric. I left it on the table. During the next dinner, or after the next dinner should I say, I had to interrupt because the cat and the dog were a little too noisy playing together. The cat, who is always ready to  please me, as far as he can, stopped immediatly. And he came to sit right in my plate ! My first reaction, not the best one now I know, I said "NO !". And he moved... to sit right on the remaining piece of fabric. So, this time, I have a piece of fabric with a good smell of ginger and nutmeg !

I still have 3m of this fabric. Please, Bijou, Dreamy, I am allowed to work it with no new surprise ???

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