dimanche 29 avril 2012

Vogue 8470 - Chapter 1

After I had delivered the dress ordered by my sister, and the pet bed tuto, I could start focusing a on project for myself. My choice was dress B of Vogue 8470 - a little longer, because I prefer dresses with hem at ankle.

As I recently learned how and why to make a muslin, I thought it would be a good idea to make one for this dress. And it was ! I knew I needed some alterations for the midriff, but it happened to be more than I imagined.

1st essay: I just wanted to be sure that the lower edge of the bodice would be at the right place. I often have to add some height to the bodice. This time, I don't know why, I tried a new way to do so, but it was a very bad idea. After sewing only one dart, I knew it wouldn't fit at all. My alterations were absolutely horrible and useless, and moreover the midriff wouldn't be large enough.

2nd essay: ok, my new alterations didn't work, maybe I should try the ones I usually do for the bodice. And to get the midriff large enough, I took it 1 size larger than the bodice. Much better, but not perfect yet ! On this muslin, the midriff is too large, mainly at the sewing line between the bodice and the midriff. When I tried it, I had the impression I had a little parachute there...

So, 3rd essay, the good one, at last ! This time, I kept my alterations of muslin #2 for the bodice, and for the midriff I used the same size as bodice for the upper edge, and one size larger for the lower edge. Moreover, I added 7 cm to the midriff height to have the pattern waist line matching my waist line.

Now I know I can cut the final fabric and start sewing...

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