mardi 8 mai 2012

Vogue 8470 - Chapter 2

This week, the weather keeps changing almost every hour. After a nice sunny and warm moment with bees in the garden, the sky turns to grey and then rain falls. Not very easy to set a priority for the coat and the dress. But this way I could afford time to both projects. And both projects are at the same final step !

For Vogue 8470, I slightly modified the sewing steps. As I don't use lining for the skirt, and my zipper is not invisible at all, I prefered sewing the skirt to the midriff before finishing the bodice, in particular before sewing bodice side seams.

Now, I just have to finish the armholes, stitch the lining to the waist and back seams, and sew the hem.

I think the most difficult steps are done. Anyway, I can already confirm that every review I've read about this pattern is true:

1 - You have to read carefully the instructions, several times if needed, and do not try to guess anything. By default, one would probably do a different way, and this is probably possible. But if you start ignoring the instructions, do it until the dress is finished ! I think it's almost impossible to start sewing the dress without the instructions and then use them for some latter steps.

2 - I am glad I am using a very light fabric. There are so many layers at the same point in center front, I'm not sure my sewing machine would accept a thicker fabric.

3 - This pattern is not really made for beginners. Even though the instructions are complete, I guess the number of layers for the bodice plus lining can be a source of discouraging mistakes.

Now, the most difficult step still remaining is the hem. Before I sew he side seams, it seemed that the skirt was longer at center (front and back) than it is on side seams. By now I haven't tried the dress with the side seams sewn, I hope this was just an optical illusion. Otherwise, with the lightweight and fluidity of the fabric, and the flare of the skirt, I guess it will be quite difficult to adjust the hem !

Now let's talk about the rain coat, which is now composed of 2 pieces: the coat and the lining.

For the coat, nothing special to say. I didn't follow the instructions as conscientiously as I did for Vogue 8470. So I cannot report whether they are clear and complete or not.

For the lining, I used a very pretty printed cotton with little flowers. Too hard not to run to the shop and take some more fabric for other projects ! Here again, I didn't really read the instructions. I added an ease pleat in center back, as I've always done.

Now, I only have to sew the lining to the coat and finish hems. For these steps, I think I'll have to follow the instructions. I know there is a special tip that makes it easy, but there's a long time since I made a coat or a lined jacket, and I don't remember this tip...

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