mercredi 23 mai 2012

Dots, dots, dots

Yes, as the title says, I like dots. But I have to admit I didn't know it until I read so many posts on so many blogs, where polka dots are one of the trends of the year - but the only one for me, I don't really like the other trends.

Another trend I like: vintage outfits. In particular vintage dresses. I find them more flattering than shapeless clothes one can find in shops. Put these 2 trends together, and this is a big YES !!!

As a result, I only bought fabrics with dots this year. Well, it's not only because I only want dots, but I also have a large stash, and each time I see a nice fabric in a shop, I realize I already have something better, or sometimes I already have it. So, here are the fabrics I couldn't resist:

Red with white dots

Dark brown with white dots

Black with white dots

I wasn't alone when I bought the red and brown fabrics. And as a joke, we imagined we could make a vintage dress with one of them for the World Wide Knit In Public Day which is the 9th of June in Rennes. This could be funny, and a could way to be visible, if we could wear such a dress in public ! At least, this would be different from usual blue jean or black pants we usually wear. So I took this idea as a serious challenge. Maybe I'm the only one, but anyway this is a good way to avoid adding some new fabric to my large stash !

The fabric was bought on Monday, I started to draw the pattern on Friday, and here is the result !

The basic pattern is Vogue 8470 - yes, same pattern as the dress not finished yet ! Finally, I made so many alterations that it's hard to recognize the basic pattern, and it makes it much easier to do !!!

For the bodice, I continued the neckline until it reaches the middle front, to avoid this additional pieces that make the dress so complicated to sew. I kept the alterations I had already done for the bust height and midriff height.

The main problem I had with Vogue 8470 is that the length of the skirt is not the same in the middle and on side seams. I don't know why, maybe because I altered the midriff ? Anyway, to avoid this problem again, I used a full circle skirt, which was a very good idea finally !

For the back, I tried to match dots. Even with my very visible zipper, it's not too bad.

For the skirt, I couldn't do the same. I hope this is not too visible. As a solution: either I keep moving or I have to sit down, so that people can't see the back of the skirt.

I really like the final result. Before I do it, I was a little scared the result is just a big red shape. But the dress is very comfortable and very flattering - yes, even with my size ! I hope the weather will be nice for the Knit In Public Day !

Compared to the previous fabric I used for Vogue 8470, it was so pleasant and fast to make this dress that I was really inspired for the brown fabric. So here it is on my cutting table to make view F of Vogue 8555.

But soon I realized that my table was not totally free:

It seems that M Bijou likes hiding under this fabric. I knew I likes sleeping on it, as I had to take him away from the fabric several times as I was sewing the red dress.

But hiding is so funny ! Why moving ???

Yes, this is the main problem due to the fact I have to work in the living room.

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